Memorial Day

Anybody Who Loves Liberty Can Celebrate Memorial Day

Anybody Who Loves Liberty Can Celebrate Memorial DayEvery year Memorial Day comes around, and we look forward to the three-day weekend. At the same time, we remember those who gave their lives. They did it to preserve our lives and liberties, the ones we enjoy right now, today. Clearly, anybody who loves liberty can celebrate Memorial Day! Also, it’s the day that gives us a great chance to experience gratitude for the things we’ve been given and enjoy.
At Kirk McDonald Group we just want to say, let’s enjoy the day, and give gratitude a full place in our hearts. Then, in whatever path of life we walk, let’s let the gratitude move us. Let’s jump at chances to act in ways, both small and big that might even make those, who stood firm and brave before us, proud. Also, with that now coming to mind, another revelation follows. It’s that we are torch bearers of liberty. Aren’t we that just by virtue of getting to live in it daily? At the very least, that’s food for thought. At the very least, liberty is neither something to take lightly, nor toy with. In fact, rest assured the brave men and women, who went before us knew as much.

Anybody Who Loves Liberty Can Celebrate Memorial Day and Enjoy Gratitude

Celebrate Memorial Day Life, Liberty and Gratitude

Anybody who loves liberty can celebrate Memorial Day and enjoy gratitude. Also, they can make that an everyday practice. They can do it in those, sometimes small, and sometimes big moments that present themselves on the path of life and liberty. In fact, by the way, we think life and liberty mean pretty much the same thing!

Thanks to all deceased and living veterans. Thanks to all fellow freedom loving Americans. In fact, thanks to all fellow freedom lovers everywhere. Let’s keep life/liberty in every part of who we are and what we do.